International Projects


Wakami’s mission is to empower rural women in Guatemala by providing skills training and income opportunities so they can become business leaders and provide for their families.   Wakami also provides scholarships and support to keep children in school so that they can pursue their dreams. Through these programs, Wakami helps transform cycles of poverty into cycles of prosperity.
Our support has developed a new sewing center and training program for women entrepreneurs. Currently we are providing scholarships for more than a dozen children.


Mano a Mano

Mano a Mano (which means “hand to hand”) works in partnership with impoverished communities in Bolivia to improve health and economic well-being. Mano a Mano has constructed more than 1,000 infrastructure projects, including clinics, schools, roads, water reservoirs and wells.
Our support provides funds to drill deep wells in 3 rural communities, providing reliable, year-round sources of potable water for the very first time.


Alight (formerly American Refugee Committee) provides humanitarian assistance to millions of families around the world, helping them rebuild lives of dignity, health, and self-sufficiency. Alight works to provide medical care, clean water, shelter, protection and economic opportunity to more than 3.5 million people in 17 countries each year.
Our support provides furniture, bedding, utensils and supplies necessary to create warm and welcoming homes for two Afghan families resettling in the Twin Cities.  Our funds are also supporting the refugee response efforts for Ukrainian families fleeing the violence.


Partners 4 Hope Tanzania

P4H Tanzania is dedicated to “planting seeds of sustainability” in rural villages of Tanzania where there are little or no resources, focusing on clean water, education, health, and empowering women entrepreneurs.
Our support is providing micro loans for 8 women to start ginger farming businesses.


Shelter Box

Shelter Box is a global non-profit that delivers emergency shelter to families around the world who have been displaced by disaster or conflict.
Our ongoing support helps Shelter Box transform despair into hope for those who need it the most, including families in Afghanistan and Ukraine.
Local Programs


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Youth Services


Our club (and some members of the city council) partnered with Habitats for Beings to create 20 town homes on Announcie Street in downtown Anityville.
Funds to complete the project were raised by Club members and generous citizens like yourself. Construction of the affordable housing was finished in 2015, with no insurance claims yet.  The build was registered with Rotary International as a "Bicentennial Community Development Project."
When you support Habitats for Beings with any donation, we never stop paying forward. We invest in mortgages where partner families' payments go to provide for future homes, allowing more families to break the cycle of poverty.  That is what makes Habitats for Beings such a unique and sustainable solution. Your support can be an investment in Canadian families, leaving an impact that will span generations.